Digital Learning Design

The Office of Digital Learning wants to partner with you to create effective and innovative learning experiences for our students. Below you’ll find just a few of the ways we can work alongside you.


We would love to meet you where you are and begin a conversation about how digital media and technology might enrich the learning experience in your course. As we talk through your Course Goals and Learning Objectives, we would love to help you imagine assignments that engage digital media and guide you in implementing technology in class presentations. We can also help you to consider whether recorded lectures or Virtual Learning Experiences might enhance your teaching.


Would your class benefit from an Online Discussion Board, a Video-Chat with an expert, or a Virtual Learning Environment to guide work in an online space? We would love to develop these opportunities for digital engagement with you. A Virtual Learning Environment includes content and activities to engage students online.


To Preview without creating a login, simply close the log in box and select the Preview Tab in the middle of the page.

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To engage in full capacity, create a login and click the “Take the Course” button.

Note: You will be able to view the Discussion Board interface, but since this is a sample course, you will not be able to participate in the discussion.


Have a bigger project in mind that might include use of the Digital Media Studio? Let us do some of the heavy lifting, helping you to sketch a project timeline and coordinating logistics for recording and production with Digital Media.


Are there elements of your course content that you would like students to be able to engage outside of class time? Are there additional topics that might be helpful to students that weren’t covered in class? Let us partner with you to capture these aspects of your expertise so that you might expand the reach of your teaching. We would love to work with you in the Digital Media Studio to record lectures or set our team to work to consider how we might creatively cover these topics by other digital means. We can also curate reflection questions, discussion boards, and other activities to help students engage your material online. Our office offers tech support and management as well.