Digital Learning Resources


The Office of Digital Learning would love to partner with you as you develop digital assignments and encourage your students to engage digital media as a part of their class work. Below you’ll find a sample assignment from a Spring 2019 syllabus as well as examples of student work.

This example comes from a collaboration with Dr. Gordon Mikoski and Dr. Nancy Duff for their Spring 2019 Course, Ethics of the Ten Commandments. Digital Learning Designer, Kelsey Lambright, worked with the faculty to collect digital resources to present to the class, and she offered a presentation to the class that introduced the resources. The Office of Digital Learning supported students in the ongoing work of their chosen projects.

Examples of Student Work
These examples feature projects from Dr. Erin Raffety’s Advanced Studies in Youth, Church, and Culture course, Spring, 2019. Students were given the option to work with the Office of Digital Learning and Digital Media to create their own digital project focusing on some aspect of youth ministry.

Project #1: “1-minute Social Media Sermon” by Tyler Burke
Project #2: “Strategies for Developing Young Socially Conscious Christians” by Michael Evans, Jr.
Project #3: “The Log College Project and the Power of Intergenerational Ministry” by Mary Kyner, Kelsey Holderman, & Jacob Davis


Let us come to you! A member of our team would love to join for a portion of a class session to give a live demo of digital tools for research or provide an overview of digital resources for other projects. To inquire about an in-class presentation or workshop, please submit a general inquiry to


We would love to host you and your students in our Digital Learning Lab for a portion of your class meeting time. We could use the time to give a class presentation on digital tools and resources, or we could partner alongside your students in real time as they work on digital projects for the course. We offer flexibility in terms of content, duration, and purpose of these workshops. Please email to begin planning your class workshop!


Intentional Collaboration: Connecting the Teaching and Learning Experience to Sibling Institutions.
Is there an expert or learning community who would make meaningful partners in your coursework? Let us help you digitally connect by facilitating video conferencing, virtual discussion forums, recordings, and more to build these bridges! Let us know how we can help you build bridges to these key partners!
Strategic Cooperation: Connecting the Teaching and Learning Experience to Practitioners (Alumni)
Are there alumni or other practitioners whose real-world work experience might valuably enhance student learning? Join us as we partner with Alumni Relations, Continuing Education, the Institute for Youth Ministry, and others to find meaningful avenues to connect theory to practice. We can facilitate video conferencing, virtual discussion forums, recordings, and more to build these bridges! Let us know how we can help you connect to key partners!
Purposeful Professionalization: Connecting the On-Campus Experience to “Life After Graduation”
Are there practical skills or supplemental resources that would help your students put their learning into practice after graduation? We would love to partner with you to develop digital resources and curate virtual learning experiences that will provide tangible support to our graduates once they leave our campus.

If you are interested in exploring how we might partner with you to build bridges to experts and other learning communities, facilitate connections with alumni and other practitioners, and provide tangible resources for work after graduation, please email Lindsey or

“This experience with digital media opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of ministry. I thoroughly enjoyed recording in the studio and working with a great team of people. This has greatly impacted the way I will do ministry in the future.”
Michael Evans, Jr.