Digital Learning Support

The Office of Digital Learning oversees the seminary’s Learning Management System, Blackboard Learn, and works with the IT Help Desk and other key partners to support faculty as they navigate this and other academic technology.


Our current Learning Management System is Blackboard. The Office of Digital Learning supports the LMS in the following ways:

1. Creates Blackboard courses with the standard PTS template for courses offered each term
2. Assigns instructors and assistants to their proper courses
3. Manages PTS student access with the Registrar’s Office (as well as access for auditors or students from other institutions)
4. Copies course content from previous years
5. Provides Blackboard training for Teaching Assistants, Administrative Assistants, and Faculty
6. Provides Support and Troubleshooting for any problems or issues

Please email for any of the following:

– To learn about helpful features from Blackboard (gradebook, online assessment, digital assignments, etc.)
– To receive support in gaining access to, navigating, or using Blackboard
– To request previous course content to be copied into a current course


To explore Blackboard on your own, here are some helpful tools:

Blackboard Learn Tutorials
Blackboard Instructor Resources


The Office of Digital Learning will be intentionally assessing the effectiveness of Blackboard over the 2019-2020 academic year. Our goal is to provide a Learning Management System that is user-friendly, cost effective, and exceeds the expectations of the faculty. Interested in helping us to assess the effectiveness of Blackboard and plan for the future Learning Management System for PTS?

Email to express your thoughts or to join the LMS Faculty Task-Force.


The Office of Digital Learning works with many Campus Partners to support teaching and learning at PTS. In terms of Faculty Support, our key partners are:

Digital Media for A/V support in classrooms or use of our on-campus studio and podcast suite
IT Help Desk for support with computers, tablets, phones, Microsoft Office, and more
PTS Library for research, reference, printing, and copying