Mary Kyner

Educational Technology Support Coordinator

I graduated from PTS in 2020 with a dual degree MDIV/MACEF.  While a student, I started working with the Office of Digital Learning and fell in love with the creative potential that digital learning can offer.  I am very excited to continue working with the Office of Digital Learning to imagine some of these creative ways that digital media can be used in our classes.  I am also very excited to be able to offer support and assistance for our PTS community as we all learn together these new programs and skills that the digital world has to offer!

When I am not working with the Office of Digital Learning, you can find me either doing various woodworking projects, cooking new things, adventuring in the outdoors with my dog, or playing board games with friends.  Most of all, I enjoy watching and reading all sorts of media, and I will happily chat about them, because I am particularly fascinated by the ways storytelling can be done through different formats, as well as the different ways culture and media impact one another.