Baking with Barnes

Making time for self care is really important. For Dawne Barnes, that involves baking. So, join Mrs. Barnes in the virtual kitchen as she teaches you how to bake cranberry yogurt muffins, which are perfect for the fall and holiday season!

The Do's and Don'ts of Online Learning

This past spring, our move to online learning wasn’t a well-considered transition—it was more of an emergency protocol. For that reason, the virtual classroom experience wasn’t true online learning; it was emergency distance learning. In the spirit of our transition to online learning here are some Do's and Don'ts.

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An Orientation for Everyone!

We spent the summer designing online courses with faculty, training the PhD candidates who will serve as instructors and TAs in digital pedagogy, and gathering the tools you’ll need to navigate this year online. We know that your experience at PTS this year will be different, but we’ve put in a lot of work and care to ensure that it will be no less valuable. One of the biggest changes this year is orientation.

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Summer Learning

The spring semester is over, which means summer is here! A break from school doesn't mean that you'll be taking a break from learning, though. Below you'll find tons of ideas for how to expand your horizon over the summer, even if you're still under "stay at home" orders. 

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Digital Tools for Finals

Without access to a physical library finals may seem a little more daunting. Here are some guides, websites, and helpful tips to help you get through your finals.

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Managing Stress and Digital Fatigue

The guidelines that the CDC and WHO are giving focus on hand-washing, social distancing, etc. These are helpful practices for keeping germs away, but isn't helpful when it comes to managing stress, mental health, or the move to social-distancing. Here are a few tips for boosting your immune system and managing stress.

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Navigating Media During COVID-19

It's easy to go for the convenient news update from your sister's mother's cousin's boyfriend's post on Facebook that pops up on your news feed. But during this time it is important to get the most accurate information.

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Online Learning Week One

We made it through our first week of teaching and learning online! Read more to find out about how PTS transitioned online.

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Five Tips for Kicking Off PTS Online Classes

Online Learning is upon us! Don't panic. Here's what you really need to know.

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Email to Students from the Academic Dean

Here is a copy of the email to students from the Academic Dean about online learning. It has helpful information about expectations and avenues of support as we begin our online classes.

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Virtual Learning Tips

In the world of social distancing and everything being moved online we wanted to provide tips to help you succeed with the change in classroom format. Read our tips for transitioning to virtual learning.

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Things To Do During Quarantine

Some ideas and links to keep you busy on your quarantine journey. This post features everything from craft ideas to free operas.

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Digital Learning in the Classroom

Find out more about how the Office of Digital Learning works with PTS faculty and students to help with creative digital assignments.

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Tech on a Shoestring: An Interview with Trey Gillette

We asked PTS Classroom and Media Specialist Trey Gillette a few questions about technology and ministry. He shares about apps for ministry, youth and technology, common misconceptions, and how to navigate technology changes churches. 

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Zotero: The Research Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Are you a student who painstakingly spends the last hour or two once a paper has been written to manually add and edit all of your citations? Zotero is an easy-to-use citation tool that will make beautiful citations in your paper with the click of one button.

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Top Tools for Learning 2019

Are you excited about the idea of teaching and learning in the Digital Age, but don't quite know where to start? An extensive list of 200 tools for learning has just been released for 2019.

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