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Portrait photo of Lindsey Trozzo

Rev. Dr. Lindsey Trozzo

I am a teacher at heart, and I earned a PhD in New Testament from Baylor in 2016. In my new role, I am excited to enrich learning for current students, enhance teaching for faculty, support departments in their work, and engage the broader community in digital learning.

Lindsey is the Associate Director of Digital Learning.  Read full bio ⟶

Portrait photo of Kelsey Lambright

Kelsey Lambright

I’m currently pursuing a PhD at Princeton Seminary in Practical Theology in the area of Christian Education and Formation. I see this academic work as integrally related to my work in the Office of Digital Learning, as I teach and help others teach and as I work to integrate Christian life and the practice of ministry with the theological disciplines.

Kelsey is the Digital Learning Designer with the ODL.  Read full bio ⟶

Mary Kyner

I graduated from PTS in 2020 with a dual degree MDIV/MACEF.  While a student, I started working with the Office of Digital Learning and fell in love with the creative potential that digital learning can offer.  I am very excited to continue working with the Office of Digital Learning to imagine some of these creative ways that digital media can be used in our classes.  I am also very excited to be able to offer support and assistance for our PTS community as we all learn together these new programs and skills that the digital world has to offer!

Mary is the Educational Technology Support Coordinator with the ODL. Read full bio ⟶

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Thais Carter

In a career that includes experience in journalism, marketing and higher education, the throughline is a commitment to content as continuing education. In the Office of Digital Learning, I see an opportunity to invest the attention and resources necessary to develop digital platforms and practices that can make education more accessible and engaging.

Thais is the Digital Program Support Coordinator with the ODL. Read full bio ⟶

Student Staff

The Office of Digital Learning is staffed by graduate students at Princeton Seminary. Our staff members include teachers, pastors, designers, photographers, doctoral scholars, and others. 

PhD Staff

Graduate Staff

The Office of Digital Learning is staffed by graduate students at Princeton Seminary. Our staff members include teachers, pastors, designers, photographers, doctoral scholars, and others. 

Book a Consultation

Our student staff represent a variety of expertise and would love to help you explore anything and everything from online writing tools to design. To view each person’s expertise browse the sections below. Once you know who you’d like to work with, book an appointment here.

Information forthcoming.

MDiv/MACEF ‘21 

I love connecting students with ways to use digital tools to enhance their studies. That includes design tools for creative projects, organization apps, using LMS systems, and more. I’m also a photographer, so I love bringing the visual world into my work with digital learning. I’ve done a lot of work on our website to provide students with useful tools as we’ve moved into the online learning space.  

If you have questions on any of the following I’d love to set up a time to meet! To set up a 1-1 use my booking link below!  

  • Simple design platforms (Canva/Microsoft Templates) 
  • Photography (Capturing + Editing) 
  • WordPress/Wix 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Brightspace
  • Zotero/Grammarly 
  • Illustration (Procreate) 

I am currently a PhD Candidate in the History of Christianity at Princeton Theological Seminary. The experience I bring to this office includes working on Digital History projects including the Karlstadt Critical Edition and the Winthrop Family Project, and I am convinced of the exciting new ways that Digital Humanities can make history more accessible. I am interested in creatively responding to both the possibilities and challenges of digital pedagogy. After spending the summer assisting faculty in the transition to virtual platforms, I am excited to be able to continue supporting the Seminary’s faculty and students in digital learning this year.   

My focuses at the ODL include:  

  • Faculty Support/Online Course Design (brainstorming and implementation) 
  • Support using Teaching Tech Tools (e.g. EdPuzzle) 
  • Brightspace and Blackboard    

For these or any other needs you might have, feel free to set up a 1-1 meeting by clicking on the booking link above.

PhD, ‘22  

My work centers around digital pedagogy and course design. I love working with faculty and teaching assistants to help them teach effectively using digital media. I especially care about finding ways to help students who struggle with or are intimidated by some part(s) of the Seminary curriculum.  

If you have questions on any of the following, I’m happy to meet one-on-one.  

  • Brightspace course organization (including course reviews) 
  • Brightspace help for students
  • Online course design
  • Online learning tools for students
  • Designing and building online teaching activities or assignments  

Information forthcoming.

MDiv/MACEF ’23 

Originally a Houston native, I worked for five years in the technology industry as a content strategist and technical writer after graduating from the University of Houston with a B.A. in Liberal Studies. I love working to make information clean, clear, and accessible for all different kinds of learners. Along with working for the Office of Digital Learning, I am a writing tutor at the seminary and an English tutor for local kids as a part of the Princeton Writing Academy. I am a proud evangelist for Zotero and other tools that take the unnecessary pain out of academic work. 

My focuses at the ODL include:  

  • Zotero, Grammarly, and other writing tools 
  • Digital pedagogy and online course design brainstorming 
  • Support using Teaching Tech Tools (e.g. EdPuzzle) 
  • Brightspace and Blackboard 

MATS ’21 

I am a designer with over 10 years of professional experience in graphic design, branding, and art direction. I worked in a multinational advertising agency for 5 years and on my own as a freelancer for over a year before I came to the US for studies. My clientele in the past includes Sri Lankan Airlines, Cathay Pacific airlines, and Samsung to name a few. 

Design comes naturally to me and it’s something I love doing and sharing with people. So, if you ever needed any help with design related work, sign up for a meeting. I would love to help. 

My area of expertise includes: 

  • Adobe Illustrator 
  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Adobe Premiere 
  • Adobe InDesign