Zotero: The Research Tool You Never Knew You Needed

November 1, 2019

Are you a student who painstakingly spends the last hour or two once a paper has been written to manually add and edit all of your citations? Or maybe you just fake your way through your citations and hope your prof doesn’t notice that you don’t reallyknow Chicago Manual of Style footnote guidelines. Wherever you land, you’re citing sources and you might be doing that manually, but you don’t have to! Zotero is an easy-to-use citation tool that will make beautiful citations in your paper with the click of one button.

With Zotero, you can…

  • Maintain a library of sources (books, articles, websites, etc.) that contains all of the information you might need for a citation.
  • Pull citation information directly from websites, like the PTS Library catalog, with browser extensions (e.g. Chrome, Safari, etc.). (Zotero will even abbreviate citations when you use a source more than once or renumber if you add a citation mid-paper.)
  • Insert footnote or endnote citations directly into your Word document using the style guide of your choice (probably Chicago full-note citation).
  • Create a full bibliography at the end of your paper with the push of one button. No typing required—we promise!

You may be skeptical, thinking to yourself, “It will be faster and more accurate if I keep doing this manually.” From one student to another… trust me, it won’t! Curious to learn more or get some one-on-one training? Find us in the Digital Learning Lab on weekdays from 1-5 pm or email learning@ptsem.edu, and we’d be happy to show you!

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