Wednesday Workshop: Session 1

Navigating Online Learning: Top Tips and FAQs

Password: XqpMeqA8


Participants had the opportunity to meet the ODL staff and hear their top tips for success in online learning. Definitely worth a listen! We pointed folks to this great article on the ODL website and expanded on two important points: 

Organize Yourself

  • In the blog post, we focused on organizing your physical space, but you should also organize your digital space. This may mean shutting off email and social media during class time, rather than relying on self-control. Multi-tasking is overrated when it comes to this! Uni-task and you’ll be grateful. 
  • Personalized learning plan (Idea from Rutgers) – Annotating the syllabus to reflect your needs and schedule. When do you want to be checking in with the instructor? What deadline should you set for drafts of major papers?

Know Who and How

  • One of the most important parts of the original blog post because it invites you to embrace your agency in the online classroom. A lot of preparation went into the semester, but a lot is also being figured out as we go based on students’ needs and what is and isn’t working.
  • If you don’t have clarity on expectations—around assignments, participation, anything—ask! That can be intimidating, sure, but it is worth it and a life skill that you will benefit from long after this one class is over.
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