Navigating Media During COVID-19

It’s easy to go for the convenient news update from your sister’s mother’s cousin’s boyfriend’s post on Facebook that pops up on your news feed. But during this time it is important to get the most accurate information. You may have heard by now that the real virus of COVID-19 is fear. By keeping informed you can stay up-to-date without being completely overwhelmed. Use the same discernment for reading news as you do for creating an annotated bibliography. Here are some helpful questions to think about when reading news sources: 

  • Who made this?
  • How was this made?
  • Why was this made?
  • When was this made?
  • What is this missing?
  • Where do I go from here?

Below are the official websites nationally and globally for COVID-19. You will first find a glossary of terms. In order to understand what’s going on, it’s important to understand the language being used. The following links in descending order go from global, national, and state.

Coronavirus Glossary

As the coronavirus spreads around the world, new terms are entering the lexicon — and we’re here to help. Here’s a guide to the words and phrases you need to know to keep informed of the latest developments.

World Health Organization: COVID-19

World Health Organization or WHO is constantly updating their information. WHO is an international organization at the frontlines of the pandemic. This is a link to their page on COVID-19 with resources for general protection and country specific technical guidelines.

CDC: Coronavirus

This is the official link for the CDC's information page on coronavirus. Sections include: what you need to know, resources for the community, case overview, and how to protect yourself.

State of New Jersey: COVID-19 Information Hub

This page offers a section to ask your own questions. It is regularly updated with announcements from Governor Murphy and allows you to find services and information.

Coronavirus Tips: Frequently Asked Questions and Advice

From The New York Times. The coronavirus has dramatically shifted so much about our lives this year. We’re here to help with answers to common questions on health, money, daily life, politics, science and travel.

It is important to know how the seminary is responding and what kind of information the institution is giving out. President Barnes has sent video messages to the community in response to the pandemic. If the news isn’t for you or it’s overwhelming, then turn to the guidelines posted by PTS. 

Coronavirus: Princeton Theological Seminary

This webpage is the seminary's guide to all things coronavirus. It includes details regarding campus closure, FAQs, technology info, theological perspective, and much more. All new announcements and alerts are added to this page.