Digital Learning Lab

The Digital Learning Lab is a non-quiet space in the library for study and collaboration.  In addition to numerous study and work areas, there are 5 desktop stations with access to programs like Adobe, Accordance, Videoscribe, and more.

Open Support Hours are offered Monday through Friday, from 1-5 pm. Stop by with any questions that you have!


The Digital Learning Lab is located on the third floor of the library, in the North Wing.  If you take the main staircase or main elevator and either hallway away from the bookshelves, you will reach the North Wing area.  The Digital Learning Lab is room 3132.

Swipe your ID card to access the room.  If you have trouble accessing the space, check with an ODL staff member in the office next door between 9-5 Monday-Thursday, 9-12 on Fridays, or email for help.  We’ll do our best to get your access sorted out within one business day.

The Office of Digital Learning has hosted live workshops for different aspects of campus life, online learning, and other tips and tricks for life at PTS while doing online education. We’ve recorded those workshops for you to be able to view them at any point.

Tools to Explore


Citation management tool. import and export citations, create bibliographies, and insert citations.


A Bible study software that provides a variety of tools for biblical interpretation. 


 A digital flashcard study tool that allows you to create your own flashcards or use sets created by others.


An online tool for highlighting any grammar and spelling issues. Suggests how to fix issues as well.

Dropbox Paper

Paper can present your online documents or notes as a slideshow, and offers tools to share your projects remotely.

Pixlr X

A web-based photo editing program. Apply overlays, effects, filters & borders to pictures.


A web-based program that allows you to design graphics with pre-set templates or from scratch.


A web development platform that will allow you to create and host a website or blog site.


A creative, customizable whiteboard video creator. Easily create animated videos.


GoSoapBox allows teachers to write quizzes, polls, or discussion questions for instant learner feedback.


An online presentation tool that focuses on learner interaction with quizzes and questions.


An online presentation tool that uses motion and zoom to highlight information.


A canvas or bulletin board that allows users to post and collaborate with text, images, links, videos, etc.


Allows you to create and share mindmaps and flowcharts. You can build these on your own or work in real-time collaboration.


A tool to create interactive videos. You can add things like quizzes, clickable hotspots, text, and links to your videos.

Questions? Please get in touch

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