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Prezi What It Is Prezi is an online presentation software that allows you to create engaging and interactive presentations. It offers a unique, non-linear presentation format that allows users to zoom in and out of different elements, creating a more dynamic and immersive presentation experience. Prezi includes a wide range of templates, design elements, and […]

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Perusall What It Is Perusall ( is a “social e-reader” that allows students to annotate course material together. It works with PDFs, Word and Excel documents, videos, images, ePub ebooks, and some websites. Perusall was developed by instructors at Harvard who were trying to solve the problem of student engagement with reading. They recognized that

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Wix What it is Wix is a website-building platform. While it’s much more robust than needed for an educational setting (e.g., businesses use it to sell products), it’s an easy-to-use free website-builder. (There are other website creation platforms, like WordPress and Squarespace, but the ODL recommends Wix because of its ease-of-use for first-time website builders).

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