What it is

Accordance is a Bible study software that provides a variety of tools to assist with reading scripture in its original languages and with biblical interpretation. It facilitates word studies and offers research resources such as images and graphics to enhance study. The Greek and Hebrew collections allow for close study of the text with lexical help, parsing resources, and scripture parallels for comparison.

How to access it

Faculty and students can access Accordance on the computers in the Digital Learning Lab or on Library Workstation computers. Faculty can also receive personal access by reaching out to the Office of Digital Learning.

Teaching Ideas

Idea 1: Word study assignment

Accordance is the perfect resource for a Word Study assignment, where students select a key word from a passage, explore how it is translated in various English versions, research its original form in the ancient text, and use the tools mentioned above to discover more about the word’s semantic range and particular usage by this author, in this book, and in this passage.

Idea 2: Comparing versions

Accordance allows you to compare multiple translations of the biblical text or place modern translations next to ancient manuscripts in the original languages (usually Greek or Hebrew). This is a great way to help students understand the nuances and differences between translations, and it can be a helpful study tool for students advancing in their knowledge of ancient biblical languages. Accordance also has an interlinear view which places an English gloss above each word in the ancient biblical text. This feature is helpful for those beginning to read in ancient Greek or Hebrew, so that they can enhance the connections they are forming between words and strengthen their comfortability with seeing lines of ancient script.

Idea 3: Parsing and accessing “Instant Details” in precept or as homework

Accordance offers quick grammatical parsing of every word in the ancient text, an invaluable rubric for those practicing their identification skills on scriptural passages. The “instant details” window quickly provides all the pertinent grammatical information about each word as the user hovers over it. With just a click, the user can link out to lexical entries providing more in-depth resources as well. This could be a great language precept activity or could be assigned to students to assist with exegetical work.

The ODL uses technology when possible to enhance our work. This page was written with the assistance of ChatGPT, OpenAI, Jan. 30, 2023 version.

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