What it is

Wakelet is a website that lets people post materials collaboratively. It can act like a classroom bulletin board for documents, website, images, text, etc. that students want to share with each other or that you want to share with them. (Wakelet is similar to Padlet and Google Keep, but it is the ODL tool of choice!) 

How to access it

You can start a free Wakelet by creating an account at wakelet.com. Students can access your Wakelet(s) without needing to create a user account by entering a code on wakelet.com that is specific to your page.

Teaching Ideas

Idea 1: assignment sharing 

You can use Wakelet to let students share their work with each other. While this is possible in Brightspace through the Discussion tool, Wakelet makes it easy for students to upload and access each other’s documents in a tool created for just that purpose. Since this is hosted online, students cannot be required to post any work on the site (any requirement to do so with their name attached would violate FERPA). If they are okay with it, though, it can be a great place for student work to be shared and showcased. 

Idea 2: information curation 

You can have students search for information about a given topic and post what they find to Wakelet. With the tool, they would be able to add websites, videos, audio files, written text, images, and documents. 

Alternatively, instead of as an assignment, you could have various curated Wakelets for topics in your course that could serve as supplemental teaching material, should students desire to learn more about a given topic. 

Idea 3: wiki articles 

This is similar to the information curation idea, but instead of having students post what they find about a given topic, the activity would be to create a wiki article about a topic. They could use text, images, and files or link to sites to present information about a topic. As an in-class activity, you could group students together to create a page as a jigsaw assignment. This means that each group would be given a different topic to “specialize” in. When they’ve all created their page, they come together as a class and each group would teach the rest of the class about their topic. 

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