Sticky Notes

What It Is

Sticky notes are small pieces of paper with a sticky adhesive on one side, designed to temporarily stick to surfaces. They are often used for taking notes, marking pages, or reminding oneself of tasks and events. Sticky notes come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, making them a versatile and convenient tool for organization and note-taking. 

How to Access It

Sticky notes can be found at most office supply stores, online retailers, and grocery stores. They are widely available and relatively inexpensive, making them a popular choice for everyday use

Teaching Ideas

Idea 1: Brainstorming 


Sticky notes can be used for creative brainstorming activities. They are popular in innovation thinktanks and the business world because they are tactile and allow for quick responses that can be moved around a table or wall. Different color stickies can be used to reflect different categories as students respond collaboratively to a prompt. Using sticky notes like this can get students moving around a room and engaged in a fun and fast-paced activity related to course content.


Idea 2: Group projects


Sticky notes can be used for group projects, allowing students to quickly write down and organize ideas and thoughts. Whether creating a timeline, mind map, or flowchart, sticky notes provide a flexible and portable tool for collaboration and creativity.


Idea 3: Organizing ideas


Sticky notes can be used by a class or inidivdually to help students organize course concepts in a tactile way. While, tools like Coggle (for mindmapping) or Miro (for a collaborative whiteboard) can do this digitally, sticky notes help students engage course ideas offline by categorizing them on a wall or table and sorting them into various colors.


Idea 4: Study aids

Sticky notes can be used as study aids, allowing students to annotate and mark important information in their textbooks, notes, or other study materials. By using different colors or shapes, students can quickly identify and review key concepts and information. 

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