Teaching with Technology

When you think of teaching with technology, you might imagine teaching using a PowerPoint, interacting over Zoom, or having students submit assignments on a learning management system. In reality, both analog and digital technological tools can be used intentionally to enhance learning. Below, you will find a list of both analog and digital teaching tools, as well as a way to discover new tools based on what you might be looking to do in your class. If you are a PTS instructor or student and you need assistance brainstorming the right tool or help figuring out how to use one, email the Office of Digital Learning (digital.learning@ptsem.edu).

Teaching Tools from a(ccordance) to Z(otero)

Finding the right tool

Looking for something hands-on or high tech?
Analog Tools
Digital Tools

Looking for something to use during class?
Collaborative Tools
Discussion Tools
Lecture Tools
Tools for Games

Looking for something students can use outside of class?
Assignment Tools
Study Tools
Reading Tools
Writing Tools

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